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About MeatMaster

MeatMaster BV is a company who is a contact_specialist in the meatbusiness. With our experience and contacts we can fill up a lot of needs for our customers regarding buying and selling of meatproducts against fair prices and conditions.

For many companies, on request, we mediate, to sell parts of their meatstock succesfully. Are aim is, to keep client and customer satisfied. Because of our short network, Meatmaster is able to serve buyer and seller very quickly. Aftersales and debtorcare are secured.


New is our marketplace (www.vleesmarktplaats.nl). We will refresh this page daily, so you can see the latest prices and stock.

At this website you can see our many products and services.

Are you interested in our products, feel free to contact us bij phone ( 0031-4884 111 28 ), or by e-mail ( hendrik@meatmaster.nl ) so we can do business!